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Ages Adult

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Adult Rowing Age/Grade
Erging Classes Adult
Level 1 - Intro to Row 19-Adult
Level 2 - Intermediate Hudson 19-Adult
Level 3 - Advanced Hudson 19-Adult
Level 4 - Novice Quad 19-Adult
Level 5 - Experienced Quad 19-Adult
Level 6 - Competitive Quad 19-Adult
Rowing Substitute 19-Adult
Private Lesson - Rowing 19-Adult
Erg Room Membership 19-Adult
Stand Up Paddle Age/Grade
Group SUP 10-Adult
SUP Yoga 16-Adult
Adult Sunrise/Sunset SUP Class 19-Adult
Private Lessons - SUP 10-Adult
Motorboating Age/Grade
Women Underway Boating Safety Operator Course 19-Adult
Women Underway 19-Adult
Private Lesson - Motorboating 11-Adult
Adult Sailing Age/Grade
Introduction to Adult Sailing 19-Adult
Sailing Basics - Learn to Sail 19-Adult
Private Lesson - Adult Sail 19-Adult
Social Sail 21-Adult
Tiller Time 21-Adult
Sailboat Rental Program 25-Adult

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