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We at DBMS are very proud of our award-winning ACCESSAIL program which is going into its thirteenth season. ACCESSAIL continues to provide both life enhancing and, in some cases, life changing experiences for students with physical and/ or cognitive challenges. ACCESSAIL ran over 300 outings during the 2014 sailing season for 331 students and 223 aids.


ACCESSAIL is dedicated to providing sailing opportunities/experience for everyone (8 years thru Adults) regardless of their physical and/or cognitive challenges. Our program has had students with Autism, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, and a variety of other challenges including Blindness. View our brochure.

Sail Boats used by ACCESSAIL

ACCESSAIL uses two fixed keel, motor equipped, 23 foot O’Day sailboats. We have modified these boats by extending their cockpits (seating for 8 persons per boat) and adding 4 special high back seats per boat with 5 point seatbelts for those students needing truck support. We also have a lift on our dock where we can lift a student out of their wheelchair and put them into a trunk support seat in our sailboat. For our advanced students we use either 15 foot Marshall Catboats or 19 foot Flying Scots.

Classes and Fees

All classes are approximately 1.5 hours in length and are conducted Wednesday through Sunday with no classes on Monday or Tuesday.

Our fee continues its one rate of $25 per student per sail for all its 2013 classes. All classes are to be paid for the day of the lesson and prior to the lesson. Each student may be accompanied by one aide or one family member for no additional charge.

Sign Up

Please select a class time and date from our ‘Class Schedule’ and call 781-934-7555 to sign up. A registration form is required for each student and this form has to be presented prior to the first lesson, additional registration forms are not needed for additional lessons.

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